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Get Assistance with Corporate Law

Partner with a Reliable Corporate & Civil Lawyer Serving Tulsa, OK, and the Surrounding Areas

There are a lot of legal concerns involved in running a business. You will need to make sure that your business is formed correctly, that you have watertight contracts, and more. In addition, you may run into legal conflicts and might require a trial attorney to help resolve them. Partner with a qualified corporate lawyer near Tulsa, OK, to get assistance with a range of business-related needs. At John W. Anderson Jr., P.C., we have over 32 years of experience and can assist with a range of needs.

Assisting with a Wide Range of Legal Concerns Today

We aim to provide sound legal advice and solid strategies that will promote the overall growth of your business. We will help you create a solid legal foundation for your business, and then help you protect it by drafting contracts, providing litigation, and more. Work with an aggressive, reliable lawyer who is ready to go the extra mile to assist with your needs.

Partner with a business lawyer that can assist with the following aspects of corporate law:

  • Corporate Formations
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and review
  • Asset Protection
  • Collections
  • Employment Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Issues

Get Assistance with Corporate Law by Contacting a Qualified Attorney

Partnering with a corporate lawyer can help you navigate the often confusing field of business law. We are honest, reliable, and will fight aggressively on behalf of our clients. If you're near Tulsa, OK, then consider calling today to request a free 30-minute consultation. Learn more about how we can assist with your needs today.

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Facing a Civil Case?

Get Assistance with Corporate Law

Get Assistance from a Reliable Civil Lawyer Serving Tulsa, OK, and the Surrounding Areas

Not every legal dispute is a criminal offense. Civil cases are no less daunting than criminal cases and can severely impact your life; partner with a general civil attorney to receive assistance with your case. Work with a civil lawyer from our firm that can assist with a wide range of potential concerns. We are based in Tulsa, OK, and can assist with all sorts of litigation matters across the state. Consider calling today to learn more.

We Can Provide You with Aggressive Representation for Your Case

A civil attorney can help with civil rights violations, breaches of contracts or agreements, failure to pay for goods and services, and more. A civil lawyer from our firm will fight aggressively on your behalf. We can assist both plaintiffs and defendants in state or federal courts, offering stalwart support and reliable advice. We pay attention not just to the immediate concerns but also attempts to anticipate your opponent's strategies to address and neutralize them. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support throughout the litigation process.

Consider Calling for More Information

If you're facing a civil case, you want to partner with a lawyer that you can trust. You want to work with someone that is honest, reliable, and ready to go the extra mile to assist their clients. When you need assistance from a qualified civil lawyer near Tulsa, OK, consider contacting us. We have extensive knowledge of the legal field and will work diligently to help you pursue a positive outcome for your case. Call today to get a free 30-minute consultation.

Why Pick John W. Anderson Jr., P.C.?

Why Pick John W. Anderson Jr., P.C.?

Receive Professional Legal Service

Clients' Testimonials

An excellent lawyer with lots of knowledge. He helped me any way that he could with my case



John was super helpful and knowledgeable! Gave me some great advice, while being friendly and down to Earth. I will definitely call him if I have any more legal issues in the future!

Donise Wells


Have you ever been sued unjustly? If So- Call John Anderson, dont even try anyone else. Mr. Anderson not only took our case but was able to legally get the "suing" party and thier attorneys to drop all claims globally but to also pay our legal fees and some for the unjust naure of the lawsuit brought against us. John is a briliant lawyer who works hard for his clients. CALL JOHN..

SteveNEmily Chasteen


Mr. Anderson handled a case for me which was out of my home state (TN) with an Oklahoma trucking company. He pushed the trucking company to settle without ever going to court. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would definitely use and/or recommend his services again. Thank You, John

Avery "Ike" Vaughn


John, his expertise and his style of approaching a wide variety of situations, has proven to be an irreplaceable partner for our organization! He is always there when needed, and he provides the expertise that I could never bring to the table...The perfect partnership!

Scott Stewart


I reached out to John when I was in an unfortunate situation as a new home renter. I have no legal knowledge, and John was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in every aspect of my case. He gave me sound advice and stepped in for me, helping me out of my situation with a better outcome than I could have hoped for. I highly recommend his experience and expertise!

Jessica Hobbs


John did some excellent legal work for me and I would highly recommend his services! I am an Ohio lawyer, and I had a very large Ohio judgment against an Oklahoma entity. I hired John to move the judgment to Oklahoma and to perform some complicated collections activities. He performed all services to the highest level of expertise, communications were always prompt and thoughtful and no stone was left unturned in our successful efforts. I am so so glad I hired John in my case, it made all the difference!

Matt Carlisle


Just got off the phone with the Gentleman. Very competent and very honest. Not many men in these days that we can say that about, lets be honest. Gave me clear and concise advise on my situation and I would recommend his services.



I wanted to thank Mr. Anderson for answering all my questions and concerns just during the consultation. I will definitely be recommending him in the future.

Lindsey Meade


Excellent service, so willing to accommodate the client. Positive attitude with a very helpful hand. Thank you again for being a light to this city.

Savvy Freeze


Mr. Anderson was incredibly helpful and obviously intelligent. There are a lot of lawyers who put on the suits and talk the talk, but John is different. He listens, he cares, and he solves. If he'll let me, I'm keeping him!

Ben Miner


I had a question regarding my apartment because it has mold and he gave me some really good advice on how to handle it.

Gabrielle Laymon


MaryKat Nelson